Boating Safety Equipment Checks

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For most of the boat enthusiasts winter season is downtime. To make most out of this time they can check and update safety equipment. Below are a few safety checks that every boat owner should conduct before taking their boat out for a sail after a long time:


1. Check Flares

Flares need to be changed after every three years. Before taking your boat on sail check expiry date of meteor and flares. It they expire in mid-season it is advisable to set a reminder.

2. Check life jackets

Check all of the life jackets and ensure that they are in top condition. Check their buckles, straps, and flotation material and fabric condition. If there is any doubt that these life jackets are damaged it is advised to dispose them and replace them with new ones. When you buy a new boat some aluminum boat manufacturers provides you with life jackets readily.

3. Make sure that your honk works

It is very essential to have a properly working honk and make sure that the one fixed in your boat is approved by the coast guard.

4. Flashlights

Ensure that you have a flash light in your boat. Regularly replace the batteries of the flash light and it is also advisable to have some extra batteries on board. If you have rechargeable batteries keep them fully charged and set reminders to recharge them again in the near future.

These are a few safety checks that every boat owner should conduct after every few months.