Beach body 21 Day Fix Review

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This Beach body 21 Day Fix Review provides you the latest information about the workouts, nutrition and cost. All these factors are important before you buy a any fitness program.  

Have you ever seen any information of equipment that promises you to tone your body parts? Some of them are 3 Minute Legs and 60 Second Abs. The 21 Day Fix is not one of these products, this program consists of different workouts, which are listed below-; 

1. Upper Fix. This workout provides you training about how to strengthen your chest, back, shoulders, arms etc. You can view the real 21 day fix results reviews online to make yourself satisfied.

2. Lower Fix. This workout helps in toning your lower body while you burn fat and calories.

3. Total Body Cardio Fix. This keeps the heart rate up and increases your metabolism helping you burn calories all day.

4. Cardio Fix. This workout is designed for your heart pumping and your body moving.

5. Pilates Fix. This helps to strengthen your body, elongate your muscles, and strengthen your hips and thighs.

6. Yoga Fix. This workout Improve your body flexibility, and strength your muscles.

This program covers every part of your body that is why it is very effective for weight reduction and to get your body in shape.

If you are used to tougher workouts, then you may be relaxed after getting the details of this exercises as it is easy to implement. This program includes different containers for your food. They are color based on which type of food goes in it. These are-

Green is for Vegetables 

Purple is for Fruit 

Red is for Protein 

and Yellow is for Carbohydrates