Are Weighted Crunches Ruining Your Physique?

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Bodybuilders love to pack on as much muscle as possible. They'll do every exercise with heavy weight and so that they reach muscle failure in around 6-12 repetitions. This works great for building muscle, but have you ever noticed how big some of the bodybuilder's midsections are? Some of them have thick tree trunks for midsections, and in all honesty it seems to destroy the v-taper that women love men to have.

Don't fall into the trap of weighted abdominal exercises. If a man want's a fit, attractive midsection, the solution is to stick to bodyweight-only abdominal exercises and to stick to a program like the Adonis Golden Ratio workout (read more here) which will help you build a perfectly proportioned, v-shaped body that women love. Exercises like the weighted crunch are unnecessary for men if what they are striving for is a body that attracts women. Women like the v-taper shape where the guy has broad shoulders and a narrow waist. By doing weighted crunches or other weighted core exercises, you will thicken your midsection and only make it harder for you to get the v-shape. Make it easy for yourself and focus on using just your bodyweight for your abs. This will bring definition and even help make your midsection slimmer instead of thicker.