Are Promotional Products Really Effective?

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The effectiveness of promotional products is a topic that has been under discussion in the marketing world for a while. However, recent research has shown the fact that customers have positively reacted towards these products. The various channels of their effectiveness have been discussed below.


  • Trade shows, exhibitions and even sales promotion stalls gain popularity if the company is giving away merchandise. People communicate the experience they have had with your brand, and what gets a company a positive word of mouth include these unique promotional products. This is perhaps the best way to gain the customers’ attention and create an image.
  • Companies are also effective on the basis of the type of product the give. Customers prefer high quality, unique promotional products. Uniqueness is an element that can help the company get an edge over its competitors, thus making the campaign much more effective. However, quality, usefulness and relevance of these promotional products should be kept on the forefront of the campaign design.
  • Research has shown that people who get promotional products are likely to do business with that company, and a majority actually does involve itself in transacting with the company. However, strategic planning is important. These statistics hold true for the campaigns that have been carefully planned, and are focused on the target audience. If you promote your company to the wrong audience, it might just be a waste of money.

Using these ideas, and keeping the basics in mind, promotional products can be made highly effective. In the end, what matters is how well planned the campaign really is.