Antique Engagement Ring Cuts – The Cushion Cut Diamond

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The cushion cut diamond was the most popular engagement ring cuts in 2013 because of its intriguing shape, which is somewhere within an oval and any rectangle. Many people believe that this cut is modern day, but in fact, it is just a classic. Its antique style is a huge long time developing along with, in modern times; they have made a brilliant return.


A cushion cut is really a square or rectangular appearance with rounded corners that will resemble a pillow: hence it is generally known as the pillow or candlelight cut. It usually comprises 58 large facets (ratio 1-1. 05 regarding square shapes and 1. 1 regarding rectangular), which allow a greater separation of white light to disperse in to the colours of the range. The cushion cut is called a cross between the particular old mine cut along with modern oval shape. You can also checkout cushion cut halo engagement rings at eternitybyyoni.

Techniques have evolved through the years and several variations of the cushion cut have been recently developed, including the 'Cushion Revised Brilliant'. This often has a extra row of facets within the pavilion that alter the look of the diamond, giving it 64 facets along with a noticeable extra scintillation, often known as the 'sparkling water' or even 'crushed ice' effect. Various other subtle alterations, such as adding symmetrical kite- or half-moon-shaped facets for the pavilion and below the particular girdle, have been made to add a modern touch to essentially the most antique engagement ring pieces.