An Overview on Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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One of the biggest problems faced by the world today is obesity. Regular physical activities or low caloric intake can control obesity when you are in less severe stages, but in the case of severe obesity, you may need to undergo weight loss surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery is used to treat morbid obesity. These types of surgeries offer fast weight loss by reducing the stomach size and also reducing your food cravings. For additional info on gastric sleeve surgery, you can search the internet.

According to the WHO's factsheet with obesity and Overweight, obesity and overweight include the fifth leading cause for world-wide deaths, accounting for at the very least 2.8 million deaths all over the world. As a result, bariatric surgery clinics have sprouted up on every corner of the world.

Gastric sleeve surgery is particularly popular among obese those who are desperate to end their struggle with the obesity quickly.  After this surgery, the stomach size becomes smaller and has a banana- like shape, allowing you to limit the amount of your consumed food, and feel full a good deal sooner than you are utilized to.

With the removal of large portion of your stomach almost all of the hormones in the stomach that trigger the sensation of hunger are also removed.