Adventure Vacations – Live While You’re on Vacation

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What does vacation mean to you? Lounging, doing nothing, frittering away your time on a cell phone or computer?You can do that at work! Vacation is for doing;

It is a chance for us to put some adventure into our lives, to burn pictures into our memories, and to do something so far outside our regular lives that we have an entirely new perspective when we get home. Adventure vacations are for those who don't want to take a break from life but want to experience it. To get best deals for family adventure vacations you can visit at



Adventure means different things to different people; for some, simply getting on a plane and flying someplace new is adventurous. Typically the first step to a perfect adventure vacation is to discover what adventure means to you and how you think it is.

For example, there are "soft adventure" vacations, such as walking tours of Europe, cruise trips through Alaska's astounding surroundings, or staying at a guest ranch. These offer the thrill of something new, somewhat of physical exercise, and a lot of fun – however you do not have to do anything extreme, like jump from cliffs or pursue wildlife.

If that's more your style, however, you can easily find more serious adventure destinations. Rwanda is becoming a premiere destination for adventure travelers.

A few years ago, just stepping foot in the country would have already been "adventure" enough for anyone, currently you can visit the beautiful Volcanoes National Park to enjoy an extravagance lodge experience in the midst of incredible beauty.