Advantages of e-liquid and Disadvantages of Smoking

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Are you addicted to smoking? Want to stop but cannot get any help? Well read on and get t know a few deadly disadvantages that will certainly lead you to quit this addiction.

The main disadvantage that most of the people know of is lung cancer, and in most severe cases this cancer becomes difficult to treat. Not only the person who’s smoking is affected but people nearby who are exposed to the smoke also have chances to get cancer.

Another disadvantage is the smell that becomes a part of you. The smoky smell of the cigarette makes everyone uncomfortable around you and soon enough people try to maintain distance with you so that they will not have to smell the smoke. Which doesn’t only feels embarrassing but annoying too.

Its and addiction and you cannot stop, even if you try to stop your body will crave for more and that will turn into a serious addiction soon, In cases like cravings it is preferred that you must smoke e-cigarette. If you want to buy one at affordable price you can check which provides best electrical cigarettes and refills.

Other disadvantages are that you start getting grey hair even before your old age and wrinkled skin will make you look dull and ugly. The dry cough and wheezing also increases with time and you feel more irritated because of the same.