A Quit Smoking Hypnosis Exercise

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Here is a quit smoking hypnosis exercise you should utilize to stop smoking. Try this, because it might just help you in utilizing your mind power to stop smoking like it has helped many other tobacco addicted people. Reading the text and accomplishing the quit smoking exercise concurrently is very impractical, so I would recommend that you read the text. Play the tape each and every time you're doing this stop using tobacco exercise. Sit or lie lower, relax and close your eyes..

"Now I am in a future moment, I can see our environment; I can hear the sounds, feel all my emotions. We have no cravings for cigarettes.  I'm now taking a getaway on my future time line to some time where I have completely forgotten about smoking.” You can also click at this link http://www.melbournecognitivehypnotherapy.com.au/ to know more about quit smoking techniques.

I'm now looking back about the time line and I remember how easy it absolutely was for me to stop using tobacco, how amazed I felt after I realized that I stopped obtaining any craving for tobacco, and from then on I never gave smoking one more thought.

Now, I can have the freedom I have without cigarette, how great I feel after I am no longer owned by simply cigarettes. My thoughts are my own. I am free to choose what I wish to do and where I want to go, without the thought of smoking coming into my thoughts. I want to stay here in this moment of no smoking for a long period and when I go back let me let my mind take these types of future moments of no tobacco cravings back with me. "