5 Innovative Packaging Ideas

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It was Peter Drucker, the main business thinker of the 20th century, who said that business has two functions – marketing and innovation. This article will combine both these ideas. Packaging is ultimately a marketing function; it's the final marketing communication your customers will see before purchasing your product.

Listed below are ten ideas that will preferably stimulate some product packaging innovations for your own products.

1. Create a Reusable Package

The boutique drink market is adult and intensely competitive, so you may think there are few really new ideas as it pertains to packaging. You'd be incorrect. POM Tea has generated something truly different. To begin with, the merchandise itself differs – it is tea infused with pomegranate drink. You can also know more details regarding "Angle profiles, Paper sheets And Pallet block"(which is also known as "hoekprofielen, papiervellen en Palletblokken" in the Dutch language) by searching online.

2. Add a Little Extra to Your Packaging

Sometimes you could have very standard product packaging, but stick out from the masses by simply adding just a little twist to it. Amy's Kitchen did just that with the type of pasta sauces.

3. Make Design the Focus of Your Packaging

Most people take into account the product first and the packaging second, but Method Products switched that formula around. They focused on packaging from the starting – they wished to create packaging that was beautiful, that you didn't have to cover in the cupboard. You can also click here to get more information regarding the products.

4. Create Fun Packaging

The fun packaging doesn't have to be for kids, in the end, adults prefer to have a great time, too. The bright colors and unusual forms that dominate kids' products could work in adult products, but usually, a far more subtle approach is better.

5. Let Your True Colors Sparkle Through

Candle-Lite is the goliath of the candlestick industry with over 160 many years of continuous candlestick making procedures. Their product packaging is nothing nice, only a candlestick in a jar, however, the colors they choose are attractive. They use shiny colors, often with multi-layered candle lights plus they let these colors glow through with simple clear jars.