4 Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

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We all are familiar of the fact that smoking can do immense damage to our body. It can cause severe harmful diseases like cancer, lung diseases, heart diseases, throat infection and many more. Nowadays, various people are switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are considered as a safer option to deliver nicotine to one’s body as compared to the conventional cigarettes. Various benefits of e-cig are:

1. No more slipping our – These days electronic cigarette emits vapor instead of harmful ash, tar or smoke. Hence, you can easily use them in public places where tobacco cigarettes are not allowed. Hop on to www.my7s.com, to know more benefits of e-cigs.

2. Save Money - Electronic cigarettes also helps you to save money. Because a packet of traditional cigarette daily can cost you hundreds of dollars whereas switching to e-cig can save 50% of your money.

3. Different Flavors - Traditional cigarette has only 2 flavor i.e. tobacco and menthol whereas in electronic cigarettes you have large variety of flavors from peach schnapps, colada to cherry crush and the list is never ending.

4. Stops the Bad Odor - Well, having a traditional cigarette can give you a stinky cigarette where as in e-cig a person exhales out vapor instead of smelly smoke. Hence, opt for a e-cig and let the cologne or perfume be your signature scent.