10 Lawn Care Tips You Must Know

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Below is a directory of 10 lawn care tips which can be important for anyone who has a lawn.

Lawn care tip #1 – If you live on or in close proximity to some dusty roads, your can be sure lawn could be suffering.

Lawn care tip #2 – When you live in a wild fire hazard area, then try to use lawn grass that can help reduce fire hazard. You can also get more tips for free Landscaping, Lawn Care or Snow Plowing quote for your residential or commercial property, from here.

Lawn care tip #3 – If there are shady sections in ones lawn, you can allow the shady grass grow longer as opposed to grass in the sunlit sections.

Lawn care tip #4 – Earthworms are perfect for your lawn. Try to attract more earthworms in your yard with organic yard fertilizer.

Lawn care tip #5 – Try and spread a thin stratum of organic matter within the lawn frequently. Mushroom compost is an effective choice.

Lawn care tip #6 : Mow the lawn with mulcher mower can assist you use less fertilizer.

Lawn care tip #7 : If after mowing ones grass, and the grass seems less green and it has a tan cast, then your mower blades are most likely dull because a sharp blade cuts the top off leaving a thin tan line near the top of each blade.

Lawn care tip #8 : When lawns get enough moisture they may be not worried of acquiring trampled.

Lawn care tip #9 – Will not water your lawn at night, as this is damaging your grass. You need to be aware that watering encourages brown patch and other fungus diseases.

Lawn care tip #10 – Excessive salt in soft water can kill a yard, so make sure that your outdoor faucets are not attached to the water softener process.